fenugreek baltipedia

Fenugreek leaves

Fenugreek is used both as a herb (the leaves) and as a spice (the seed, also known as methi).  It is a common ingredient in hot curries like bhuna, jalfrezi, dopiaza, madras and vindaloo.  It is used in curry powders like the Indian five-spice mixture panch phoron, and in pastes.

The leaves have a bitter, nutty maple-like taste, making them spicy, sweet and bitter all at once and a strong smell.  The seeds also have a slightly bitter taste and should be lightly roasted before using to reduce this bitterness.

The protein rich, ground fenugreek seeds go especially well with curried fish whilst the leaves are used in meat curries, dhal and vegetable dishes.  The leaves also make an interesting addition to any salad as they add an unusual flavour and it is used in many pickles and chutneys.