BCA-North-East-winnerThe British Curry Awards organisers are quite rightly annoyed at the Garden of India restaurant in Darlington who appear to have awarded themselves “Best in the North East 2011” without actually having gone to the trouble of winning the award.

The restaurant can claim to have been short-listed for this award, but the BCA website shows Vujon of Newcastle won Best in the North East and officials were less than impressed with the photo shown right appearing in the Garden of India’s advertising materials.

We agree with the BCA, this is more than a little mis-leading and the restaurant has rightly been banned from future entries to the Awards.

The Darlington and Stockton Times reports Anwar Ali of the Garden of India saying the word “shortlisted” had been missed off and that “we’re all human beings”.

This might be more plausible if he hadn’t then gone onto say, “We’ve won this award in the past, we’ve got so many awards we don’t need this.”

If you make a mistake, apologise, do something nice to make amends and move on. Don’t start saying you don’t need it or everyone will wonder why you entered and claimed victory in the first place.

Put the shovel down and stop digging that hole.

Well done to the Vujon for winning – we’ve not been to dine with you (yet) but we look forward to doing so in the near future.

Vujon can be found at – 29 Queen Street, Quayside, Newcastle, 0191 221 0601 for those who would like to take a look first visit: www.vujon.com

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